Hello, my name is Austin Gordon. I’m a wedding, senior, and sports photographer in Linton Indiana. The easiest way to contact me is on Facebook or by email.


Austin Gordon

143 N. Main St. Linton, IN, 47441


Social Media; @agordonphoto

Email; [email protected]


How I started.


Hello, my name is Austin Gordon, I’m 20 years old and began my photography journey in the fall of 2016 as I was a sophomore in High School. I started yearbook that year and my parents decided to buy a camera for themselves and my class. I quickly started to be obsessed with the idea of sports images. That winter I shot basketball photos and sold them to high school students for cash. As this was happening I was quickly upgrading camera gear to the best of the best. In the spring of 2017 I joined the Greene County Daily World for sports photos. I began to get very serious when I decided to get a job the next summer just to invest in camera equipment. 


As the summer went on I learned off-camera flash and bought thousands of dollars worth of gear. Most of it I still use today. I began shooting weddings and senior sessions quickly that fall. Still shooting for the Greene County Daily World, later that year I registered as an official business out of my parent’s house. As my mini business began I had this huge dream to be able to do this with my life.


2019 was a wild year for me as I began to bring in the most clients ever, I was a senior in high school. I officially started to bring in clients into my parent’s house for Senior Studio Sessions and began to find my style. I also still was upgrading and buying more gear to bring my clients the best quality images.


In the winter of 2019, my mother told me I had to get the studio out of their house. I began searching for studio spaces in Sullivan and Linton. At the end of February of 2020, I signed a rent agreement and began working on the building.  In March, Covid lockdowns began and my father’s job got shut down. I’m one of the few that is thankful for Covid, with the lay off of my father, we did about 500 hours worth of work in 6 weeks. Adding rooms, fixing the building, and painting everything. In August I left The Greene County Daily World and joined The Lintionian.


As 2020 comes to an end I’m still investing in the business. Getting the building painted and buying a truck for road trips and weddings. To this day, I still do not take a paycheck from the business, I currently live off other income sources. I’m excited for 2021 and what it has for me.